“Life is too short to have bad hair… after all its 90% of your SELFIE!"

Smashh was born organically out of this very idea.. an idea that no one needs to have bad hair or rather no one does at all. An acceptance to your natural inheritance and knowledge and skill of how to work with it. A labour of love, two passionate individuals, Sarika Motiani and Mahera Husain, opened Smashh in 2011. In a sea of mediocrity, bad market forces and tough competition it has survived many a storm.

Today it stands tall as a go- to place for reinvention, modern styles and that lil bit of individuality. With a constant commitment to quality and technical mastery, it strives to deliver current trends, bespoke cuts and colours and that little bit of extra something that is the very essence of this brand. Once you walk into their doors you leave the world behind.. you truly are the center of their attention and your needs their command! So rest in, put your feet up and get ready to have that life changing moment.. like Madame Chanel famously said,”a woman who is about to cut her hair is about to change her life”.. and yes you men too!

Our Stylists

  Sarika Motiani

  • She has trained with Vidal Sassoon, Aveda, Redken , Sephora Make-up
  • Everything you’ve heard about her is true.
  • She listens, and will happily indulge your need to repeat yourself.
  • Hers is the loudest voice in the room. Get used to it!
  • She has extremely accurate news and tidbits on all things Bollywood.
  • She loves your hair as much as she loves her own.
  • She will gently tell you that the look you want just won't work. If you insist, she will work around your needs.
  • Surrender yourself to her magical hands.
  Mahera Husain

  • Everything you have heard about her is true
  • Her tolerance levels are of the highest order- so knock yourself out
  • There is a tilt of the head and a smile to most things confrontational
  • Precision is what she strives for. She gets so engrossed, you might wanna do a little “ earth-calling Stylists!” to get her attention.
  • She lives for hair.
  • She is the healer and will gently take u to the other side
  • Alas surrender.. its when she works best